1. Momma Said, "Hit 'Em Back!"
    Louvenia Johnson is an abuser of drugs and alcohol, with dark serects she has harbored since childhood. She's verbally and physically abusive to anyone who gets in her way, including her children. Lou is the son of Louvenia, she manipulates him to do her dirty work and to commit any criminal deed she tells him to do. Read this urban novel that is filled with murder, crime, lust and envy that lead you to laugh, and cry through the many twist and turns and finally the unexpected shocking ending that's truly a page turner.
  2. Momma's Journey To Hell and Back!
    Louvenia Johnson is back and ready to describe what happen to her when she mysteriously disappears after confessing her sins at the church altar in the book, Momma said, "Hit 'Em Back!" You will learn why the is character is so angry and the dark unspeakable secrets inflicted upon her in her childhood. Read this book to find out Momma's Journey to Hell and Back!
  3. The Sun, Cat and Dog . Baby's First Book
    This exceptional book with beautiful colorfully illustrated images of various ethnicities of children and the inclusion of little ones with physical challenges, is a great learning tool of compassionate education. The depiction of everyday situations and environmental sites will foster an appreciation of books that will keep literacy at the forefront of young minds. The books is in both English and Spanish creating a bilingual learner for the very young to the senior reader. Excellent primer that should be shared or given as a gift.